Monday, November 15, 2010

Let the great countdown begin

When I found out I was pregnant again, well right after the shock and terror wore off, I looked at a calendar and tried to figure out how PT school would work. The goal I set way back then was to make it through until the last class before Thanksgiving, this would put me at 37 weeks which is when my last baby was born, and I knew I could manage anything after Thanksgiving break virtually.  My class works all term on a huge presentation and it takes two weeks of classes for them to be done...these two weeks are the last two weeks before Thanksgiving and I did not want them to do all that hard work and then me not be there :)

This week my Monday class has their first week of presentations and my Wednesday class has their second, which means I only need to survive class tonight, Weds and next Monday and I will have made my goal :)

I have a few more things on the "to-do" list.  I washed all of Finn's stuff last night and will fold and put it away this morning.  Ryan is moving the jumperoo and swing around today and straightening the closet under the stairs so my mom can find cleaning supplies, Thursday I will get the curtains for the playroom and Grayson's room and hang them and a new toy box for Teagan's stuff that has overtaken the family room.  Next Monday, we will get the Christmas tree up and the lights on, Tuesday we will do a big grocery shopping and Wednesday morning the whole family will decorate the tree and the rest of the house....then, and only then, will I feel "ready"

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