Monday, November 22, 2010

Tylenol is like tic tacs

I have a cold....I know you know since I keep whining about it, but it is one of those behind your eyes and in your sinuses colds that makes you want to take the heavy cold meds, and I can't because little Finn is still on board.  Add to it that I woke up at 3 am this morning and couldn't sleep due to the congestion, and the fact I had a doctor's appointment, and well, by 11 I was unhappy.  Thankfully the hubby is off so I took a nice two hour nap, and while my eyes are still watery and my nose all stuffy, I am at least not falling down tired.

OB appointment was status quo except the doc had a hard time getting the baby's heartbeat to register well because of his position.  When I asked how he was laying, the doc responded that it was hard to tell since he is so big and taking up all the room in there....yeah, I can kind of tell.  Made my last appointment for next week and hope to get the hospital registration done in the next few days....and we are officially in business to have a baby!

Just got the first wood delivery of the season, which is funny because it is almost 70 degrees outside, but the weather people assure me that it will be highs in the low 50's after tomorrow with lows in the 30's, to me, that is fire weather.  Ryan also may have sold his old car, the Saturn, that has been hanging in the garage for the last year.  I am super excited since this is found money and we are planning to buy a nice new Digital SLR for ourselves.  We NEVER get  ourselves anything, I mean we get stuff for the family and clothes, etc., but this is an nice indulgence in a want.  Also due to the generosity of my parents this year, we may blow some of Ryan's annual bonus on a new TV for the family out world, we are sloooooowly catching up!

OK, off to blow my nose and help the hubby get the Christmas decorations down!

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sugar said...

so whenare u due someth=ime this month hope ur cold gets better