Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feeling human again..however a bit random

I am feeling better today, I think the massive non-stop heat all last night really made a difference, I am still sore, but I can do things like lift Teagan and move without crying...progress!

Teagie and I ran around first thing this morning, did a good shop at Weggies, stopped at the farm and then came home and started the butternut squash soup for dinner tonight.  It has squash, bacon, apples and onions in it with coriander and sage...yum!  We will have "fancy" grilled cheese on the side, I have American, Cheddar, Provolone and Brie for the kids to choose from and they can add tomato or bacon to the sandwich too all on a nice hearty whole grain bread, should be a yummy and filling dinner. Havey has dance tonight and I am hoping I can get some grading done while she is in class...we will see if the other kids cooperate.

Made it through class yesterday, still need to make it through Monday to make my goal...even better if I make it the following week too :) 

I would also like to personally thank Mini Boden for the super cute two pack of rompers I was able to order last night for under $3.50.  Thanks to a sale, free shipping and the 25 dollar voucher they sent, Finn will be super cute in his rompers. Nice deal for Mini Boden stuff!

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