Sunday, November 21, 2010


Did not go as planned, since the cheeriness quickly wore off, but somehow we made it.

Some of the chores got done.

My cold settled in my sinuses and made me not happy at all, in fact, it made me weepy and cranky.

Grayson had a blast at the birthday party.

I learned a good friend's dad passed away and I wish I could be there to love on her and her family at the wake, but I cannot travel to NY this week.

I made a decent dinner, and the kids ate all my creamed spinach.

My husband went to two Starbucks to get me a Peppermint Mocha, one was out of syrup the other couldn't make hot drinks :(

Teagan started singing today, and she can carry a sweet tune, albeit without words.

My cold meds have kicked in and I am feeling slightly more human and so thankful that I am not sneezing as much since every sneeze brought on contractions.

Going to bed and just need to survive the day tomorrow and then looking forward to cooking and eating the turkey that is defrosting in the fridge and hanging out with my wonderful family.

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