Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are the survival stage

Well, I have a cold, a really nasty chest cold with a wicked sore throat. It has been coming on the last few days and it has hit, and I feel like crap and just want to go to bed, but the show must go on. On the bright side, my neck feels better, still not back to normal, but I have some mobility in it and it is not so painful....although sweet Finn has decided to move into a really super awesome position for birth that is making my lower back ache.  Ugh, I hate feeling crappy and hate not being able to just "do" like always!

Anyway, the hubs has to work tonight, so the kids and I are on our own as usual.  Flu shots this morning for the lot of them, then home to work on laundry and a few other odds and ends around the house.  I never got the grouting done, so I am thinking that just moved to the hubby's list for tomorrow :)  Today is mostly standard stuff, and I will make some Christmas cookies to stash away since we are coming down to the wire on those too.  I also have about 20 papers to grade for PT gig and 3 assignments for FT gig, so that should keep me hopping today as well.  Thank god for the fact that tomorrow the hubby is off AND he agreed to get up early to take Gray to a party, I am thinking that might have pushed me over the edge.

Whining aside, and there has been plenty to go around lately since this has been a hard last few weeks for me physically, I cannot say enough for the awesomeness of my family.  They have been so good to me, listening to the complaining, doing whatever they could to help, and just being loving and sweet.  I know they are anxious for me to feel better and we are all so excited that we will be meeting our newest member in just a few short weeks/days.  No matter how tough the end of this pregnancy has been, no matter the pain or discomfort, it is worth it to get to have Finn join our crew.  Some days are hard, but they are all worth it.

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