Friday, November 5, 2010

Why I wish I had removable legs like Barbie and how Daylight Savings Time may push me over the edge

OK, so today I stayed home...which was a wise choice.  The house is in disarray and I foolishly thought I would be able to bustle about getting things done.  I did manage to wash three loads of laundry including two loads of towels sitting on the coach waiting for me to fold them and put them away.  I made two loaves of bread purely out of desperation since we discovered we were out of bread this morning and I am NOT going out today.  I vacuumed and I made cookie dough for the linzer cookies, I did dishes and I fed the baby, I worked and I straightened a bit, but I did not get all that I needed to get done, done.  The reason?  I am absurdly exhausted and my hips are killing me.  I would like to pull my legs off like a mean third grade boy would do to a Barbie doll to get some relief.  I am terrified of my ultrasound on Monday since I am afraid they will tell me he is about to fall out, since that is how it feels.  These hips are so achy that climbing the stairs, lifting anything or climbing the baby jail gate is torture...but I still need to clean!  Thankfully the minions will be home soon and my girls can help me take down Halloween decorations and Grayson is the dustmaster so I saved him all the good dusting.

The hubs works tonight and tomorrow, so no nap for me until Sunday afternoon.  This week his big jobs are to clean up his desk area, clean the closet under the stairs, tape off the baby's room and help with the laundry.  The kids and I will declutter the Dining Room, fold clothes and clean their rooms up on Saturday, Sunday we will go outside and pick up any crud out there too.  We are closing in on being "ready" for Finn, and I cannot lose momentum now....except I have one hurdle, Daylight Savings Time.  Teagan wakes around 6:30 every morning, if everyone else is asleep she will talk to herself in her crib until 7 or so and I get to lay in bed and wake slowly.  Daylight savings time is going to be torture next week, she will be up at 5:30!  That is so not cool.  I will be crying by Wednesday for sure, cursing the powers that be and begging to sleep just one more hour.

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