Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today is our feast

Being that the husband worked on Thanksgiving, we will be having our feast tonight.  I like to cook, but I am a week out from delivering and to be honest, I am wishing I had ordered one of those pre-cooked meals, although my family would have complained since their favorites would be missing.

My turkey just entered the oven coated in ample amounts of butter and fresh chopped herbs.  I just mixed up the cornbread stuffing, we like it with leeks, carrots and water chestnuts and more fresh herbs.  I still need to peel and chop white potatoes for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes for sweet potato souffle and prep the broccoli which is the green veggie the kids requested.  Last but not least, rolls and pie...lots of pie with fresh whipped cream.  I wish the hubby was awake to help me, wrangling the kids and cooking a huge meal while trying to keep the house clean and work is a big job, but he worked his last shift until Christmas last night, so I will have lots of extra help around the house this week as we prepare for my parents to come into town. Interesting that his leave begins before mine!

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