Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bonus to big is never dull!

So last night around 5 pm I was pulling the leftovers out of the fridge for the kids since I couldn't make dinner, I was simply too tired.  In the kitchen stood myself, Ryan and the three older kids, and Teagan was toddling about right behind us.  In the moment it took for me to say, "Where is the baby" it happened....she screamed.  Teagan had walked two feet down the hall, reached in the recycle bin, pulled out a can and shoved her hand inside.  Ryan and I grabbed her, he got the can off and we could see there was a lot of blood.  Sat her in the sink, pulled her hand above her head and started pressure, realizing thankfully that she had only the one cut on her thumb, but it was pretty deep for such a teeny tiny thumb.

We held her hand up, put on the pressure, consoled the poor girl who was scared by the whole event and for 15 minutes, we waited to see if the bleeding would wouldn't.  Now Ryan had been about to get in the shower for work, I was in PJs and Teagan was covered with blood.  I threw on clothes, stripped the baby from the waist down and got a new diaper and pants on her, instructed the big kids to get coats, shoes and my diaper bag and we headed out the door with Ryan sitting next to Teagan in the back seat still trying to stop the bleeding.  If you have ever had a bleeding 15 month old, let me tell you, blood ends up EVERYWHERE!

We started out heading to the new walk in clinic place in town, but I managed to get them on the phone on my way there and while they would see a 15 month old and could do stitches, they didn't do the gluing process and we were concerned about them being able to stitch her finger up.  So we then changed direction and headed to the ER.  Ryan took her back and said she was a trooper.  No tears when they were washing her thumb or when the kept looking at it to see if they could stitch it or glue it.  End result is a baby girl with a super glued thumb, no pain for her and she is sealed up tight.  Being that we don't vaccinate on a normal schedule and Teagan has only had two vaccines, it was a good thing that one of those was her DPT, so no tetanus shot was needed.  A light antibiotic script and a check up next week with the pediatrician and she should be good as new.

Interesting thing is that while we have been to the ER a number of times with the kids, Haven twice while living in our old house and once living here, Brittan and Grayson each once and even Teagan once last year when she had the flu...never have we gone for an injury!  Teagan secured the spot as the first kid to get us to the ER for an injury, not too shabby for a 15 month old!

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