Monday, November 29, 2010

Not good to scare someone this pregnant

I just had the scariest moment of my life.  My husband had Teagan and was getting ready to climb over the baby gate we use to create baby jail holding her so he could change her stinky diaper.  Something happened and his foot got caught and he started to trip and fall....and stumble....holding my baby....towards the glass doors.  My god I began to freak as I watched it in slow motion, they fell against the doors (on top of the poor Newfie) and I leapt over that damn gate to get to them.  Teagan started crying, but she was absolutely fine, my husband held her tight the whole time and protected her with his arms...not a bump on the girl.  Now the husband's hand got hurt a little and the Newfie got squished, but holy crappola that was so scary to watch!  My husband is a big guy, over 6' 2" so you can only imagine my fears that he or Teagan would be going through the glass door or that he would somehow lose his grip on her, land on a limb funny, etc.  Thankfully they are both fine, Teagan got her diaper changed by her dad as I sat hyperventilating and is now going down for her nap. NOT a good moment, but so happy they are OK and that he held onto that baby so tightly, what a good Daddy.

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Christine said...

Scary!!! Glad all are okay!