Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let the hormones run.....

sing along with me to the tune of "Let the rivers run" now everybody!

Ugh, hormones, how I HATE them.  Usually at this point I have found some weird, crazy, minuscule item to hyper focus on and that is where all my hormone energy goes, but this time, dammit, I have no damn worries, tough life I know!

Everything at work is good.  Everything with Ryan's work is good.  Money, house and cars are good.  Kids are totally excellent.  So now I have been able to focus on myself and what sucks is I am in a TON of pain :(  I did something to my neck and the muscle is tender, plus it is nearly impossible to refrain from turning my head, how else I am supposed to shoot a look at a naughty kid?  The baby is practicing his kung-fu, and last night around 4 am when I was still awake and couldn't sleep he was so low and there was so much pain that I was sure I was going to be one of those freaky woman who don't know they are in labor, fall asleep and then wake up with a baby in the bed.  It didn't happen obviously, but it was a scary thought!

I am trying trying trying to get the last few things done without completely killing myself with pain.  If I walk too much, I get regular painful contractions so I am trying to keep that under control until after class next Monday, and then I plan to take a jog around campus while eating habaneros to try and kick this kid out!

So I am totally slacking on dinner and getting Chinese food, and given I teach tomorrow and have a doctor's appointment at the crack of dawn, I am afraid they may get pizza tomorrow night.  My husband assures me that this is OK since I am pretty sure this has never happened before and I am planning four big homemade meals Thursday-Sunday, but i still feel the mama guilt.

OK, I guess I should take tylenol so I can pretend it will make my aching neck feel better...can I have those pain meds a few weeks early please?

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