Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A fun family day

So the kiddos are off for election day and the hubby is off because, well, it is his day off and I am home because I live and work here, so we decided to have some fun...well after we worked :)

I was up really early this morning, before 6 am which stunk since there was no reason to be up that early.  Not long after, Teagan was up, so I took her downstairs, threw her milk at her and made a huge pot of apple cranberry oatmeal.  Oh my, it was good!  The crew woke, ate and then we got down to business.  Haven finished the last few items in the playroom and gave it a good vacuum, Ryan worked on dishes and Britt, Gray and I sorted out the upstairs.  After getting all the work done, we loaded up in the car and headed to Weggies where the grocery shopping was completed and we ate a nice lunch.  Then off an running again, down to the farm for the weekly milk run and as a surprise for the kiddos, a trip to Friendly's for ice cream.  By the time we got home, I was beat, but got some work done before heading upstairs at 5 to try to rest my aching back.  Ryan made the kids supper and then they came up and showered and tomorrow we head back to the grind with school for them, work for Ryan and I and a million other little things that need to get done.  I am still anxiously awaiting a quiet day, maybe Friday? I am finding it harder and harder to get things done and not feel like crawling into bed at 4.  Tomorrow is busy, Thursday morning I have to run the kids to school early and grab Quail Cove, then we have dance at night, but I am holding out hope that I will not need to leave this house on Friday!

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