Sunday, November 7, 2010

You know what isn't on the agenda tonight?

Going to the ER!

I thought we were home free, but sadly, we were not. Teagan's finger was bleeding a bit yesterday morning when we were out, I wrapped it tightly in a band aid and the kids and I went about running errands and getting lunch out.  Came home, poor little one was exhausted so I gave her a nap and baked some more Christmas cookies, but I was feeling pretty sore and tired from our all morning outing and decided on making a simple dinner...which was really wise given the turn of events.

When Ryan got up for work, I had just made his dinner for work and the kid's dinner and they had all eaten. When Teagan was done, I went to get her out of her highchair and she was covered in blood...UGH!  Ryan checked her finger and all the glue was gone.  Given it was a Saturday night, I called the hospital who told us she had to come back.  Since it wasn't an emergency, I loaded all the kids in the car and away we went while Ryan cleaned up and went to work.  Thankfully we were only there just over an hour and a half, they looked at the cut again and said it couldn't be stitched, the finger is too small and the skin too thin, so they ended up using steri strips and wrapping the hand and thumb in gauze and taping it.  She has done well with the new arrangement, the gauze is still on this morning and when we bathe her tonight, we have fresh gauze and strips so she should be good to go until she sees the doc on Tuesday.

Hubby is home tonight and I am FINALLY getting to make the roast chicken I have been craving with stuffing and cauliflower....YUMMY!

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