Thursday, November 4, 2010

OK, I'll leave the marriages alone

I had a plan to write about marriage today, but figure a few folks probably didn't like my post from yesterday, so I will save it for (another) rainy day.

Today I think I accomplished more by 9:30 am than anyone should.  As usual, I was up around six-bleck!  Woke kids at 6:45 because the girls need to be at the school just before 8 for a before school activity. Then off to grab Quail Cove, drop it at home, bring Gray to school and then off to two grocery of which gave me 7 dollars off my next order in coupons for an order that cost 7.41...wheeee!

Got home and poor Teagan was falling apart, so thankfully she is tucked in bed, I have gotten some work done and now I am planning to relax a bit :)

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