Friday, November 19, 2010

Let's play happy homemaker

Today is my "at home" day which means I usually can get lots of stuff accomplished.  Add to that that the kids will not have to do homework when they get home, and it is basically the perfect day to get working on some projects.

I accomplished some grading and work work this morning, and made some white chocolate peppermint bark...mmm, we will need another batch :)  Dinner headed to the crockpot early, BBQ pork, and I just made some coleslaw to go with it and will dice up the potatoes and throw them in water for the mashed taters when Teagan naps.  Laundry still needs to be switched again, but that is the story of my life, and I promised the big kids we could make the peanut butter blossom cookies when they get home, which means I need to make the dough and cook 3/4 of them before that so they can help with the last two pans. I was hoping to hang the curtains in Grayson's room, but the brackets have gone missing, so I need to look for those, and I have to regrout (yes I said regrout) the tub tonight after the hubby and kids shower :)

I am hoping that Teagan takes a good long nap so I can get this stuff done, the hubs works tonight and tomorrow and then has to take Gray to a party Sunday, so he can't help much, Monday I have a doctor's appt and we need to get the tree, and I work, Tuesday is last minute errand day and I promised the kids dinner out and that we will decorate the tree and then we head back into the craziness...ah life, always an adventure :)

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