Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Educating the tribe

It has been an interesting few days, lots of very interesting news that has made us excited for things to come, including a work project for me.

Yesterday afternoon I was knocked down feeling really sick, like REALLY sick.  Thankfully my husband stepped in, fed the kids, gave Gray a haircut, did homework and baths so I could be in bed feeling awful.

Today we were back at the grind, I had to go teach and Ryan took the day off so we could do conferences.  I went to work, ran home in time for some dinner and then we headed out.  I had met with Haven's teacher yesterday, so tonight we had Gray and Britt.  Thankfully all three had glowing reports, they are doing very well academically and they are good kids, well behaved and have lots of friends :)

Tonight we will complete the fun job of filling in the benefits for next year.  Then tomorrow morning will be a farm run and then the hubby will get some sleep while the kids and I get a few chores done around the house.  Busy as usual!

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