Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not sure what to call today

Let's see...last night my sore neck became a horrifically impossible to move neck.  I took some meds, strategically place a heating pad and finally passed out around 11 pm only to be woken to what sounded like Armageddon outside my window.  There was a wicked thunderstorm blowing through and of course it woke Teagan who when i grabbed her out of bed, wrenching my neck in the process, I realized she had wet through.  Thankfully, I had a diaper upstairs and she and I spent the storm time getting her changed into a clean dipe and jammies.  Settled her in bed and passed back out.

This morning when I got up, I was in so much pain but figured it was just from sleeping and hopped in a shower since I had an OB appt.  The shower didn't help so I tried calling the hubby at work to see if he could meet me at the doctor and help with Teagan, my girls got her out of the crib for me since I couldn't lift her and we got the day going.  My neighbor was taking the big kids early for me so they could catch the bus, but I ended up taking Haven along to the doc to help with Teagan since I was hurting so badly.  Got to the doc and of course as soon as we get there, Teagan has a poopy diaper and the dipes and wipes were in the car :(  Then I find out it is one of those drop your pants appointments...wheeee!  Oh, and they took blood too, lucky me.  Hubby made it there as we were leaving, and he took Haven up to school, then met me at home to help with Teagan.  As he was headed to bed, the sitter called to cancel since she had an emergency, so my poor husband took a nap on the couch while Teagan napped after working all night the day before since I had to go teach.

Thankfully, he is working from home tonight, and while he is super tired, he is here if I need help with the kids and I am hoping that by morning my neck will be better.  I am even giving myself the night off, no work at all since I am trying to relax and mend, no way this can keep up!

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