Sunday, October 31, 2010

It IS a Happy Halloween

for me because the playroom is CLEAN and DONE (except the carpet)!  Wooohooo, mark that bad boy off my list!

In other news, the kids are off trick or treating, even little Teagan who will not be getting candy but is along for the ride. 

Dinner was an adventure, lets just say that heavy crazy cleaning, plus lots of work work, plus whiny kids, plus too much to do, plus hormones can make the dinner plans go astray.  Thankfully, after a quick run to the store, the gross dinner plans were fixed and the only change was that we had store bought (gasp!) chicken fingers instead of homemade...oh well. 

Dinner was Witches Fingers (chicken fingers), Monster Brains (rotini with a creamy pesto and diced tomatoes) and Slug and Beetle Salad (bananas and black grapes in strawberry glaze).  Kids declared it a hit and ate well before getting dressed up as....

A Zombie, A Witch, A French Super Model and A Super Cute Baby Witch :)

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