Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time to buck up

Last night was another adventure in no sleep.  Ryan worked from home and was wise enough not to be on calls, so when Haven came down to annoy him 8 million times, he was simply annoyed and not fired :)  In between annoying her father, she managed to whine and moan all night long which kept me up from about 3 am.  I really wish I could sleep like my husband, dead to the world, but I am a super light sleeper and hear everything.

Of course I finally dozed back off at 6:30 and work in a panic around 7:30.  Brittan has a program before school and was getting picked up at 7:50...eek!  Thankfully she is a trooper, ate breakfast while I packed her backpack and got herself dressed and ready to go super quick.  I then got Teagan, Grayson, Haven and myself ready, dropped Grayson at school since it was pouring and I don't like him to be alone at the bus stop and took Haven to the doctor.

Turns out the kid has an ear infection and strep, so she isn't feeling well which we knew and acknowledged, although I am still not sure she needed to keep me up two nights in a row!  After the doc, the rain had ended just enough that I decided to run to the grocery store which is next door.  I was craving eggplant and wanted to make some for lunch, so we ran in and grabbed a few quick items, then dropped of Haven's prescription and came home.

Thankfully today is our quiet day.  Held Teagan's morning nap off until after lunch and I am hoping she takes a good long sleep.  Haven is upstairs resting and I will run and grab her script when Ryan wakes at 4.  The other kids are at school, I made roasted eggplant with ricotta, basil, parm cheese and fresh sliced tomatoes for lunch which appeased my eggplant craving.  Dinner tonight is pretty simple, we are having angel hair with pesto and Caesar salad with bread.  Most of my work work is done, so now I am planning to relax before the evening rush and hope that Haven sleeps tonight.

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Allergy Mum said...

I was up all night with a sick little guy as well. Hope the ear infection clears up quickly.
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