Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am an insurance company's nightmare

I am so tired of going to the doctor!  I have been at the OB for four weeks in a row, it should be every other week, but one week I needed to get bloodwork done and this week I need a shot in my ass (Rhogam) and of course these HAD to happen on the weeks I didn't have an appointment!  I was supposed to have another OB appointment next week but they gave me a reprieve, sort of, and instead scheduled me an ultrasound.  So next week I get to have two ultrasounds. One will check Finn's size, they suspect he is big, although I have no clue why that would concern them. He has always been big, all my kids are big and I am having a c-section so he could be 12 lbs at 38 weeks and it wouldn't matter (he won't be THAT big, I am guessing 8-9 lbs at 38 weeks).  Then I get to have an ultrasound of my heart, aka echocardiogram.  Just call me Sono-Woman...wonder what my superpowers might be?

Thankfully I get to see Finn on the ultrasound on Monday, and the double bonus is my parents will be here and can watch the other four kids so Ryan can come with me :)

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