Friday, October 15, 2010

The forest for the trees

It has been a long week, a long, exhausting week.  Haven has been home the entire week, and thankfully she slept fairly well last night which meant I slept fairly well last night, getting up at 5 am today instead of 3 am.  She is also feeling better, much less whiny and more like herself, and she is eating a bit more which is a huge relief since she is tiny to begin with, a week of not eating is not a good idea.

In addition to the illness and lack of sleep, we have also been dealing with an issue at school.  Basically we want Haven moved to a different class, the current teacher is simply not a good match, she is a yeller and Haven feels she is embarrassing her, and has had a lot of anxiety about school and is having a hard time getting what she needs.  I am NOT judging the teacher, I really don't know what happens in the classroom, but my kid is perceiving it in a poor way, and it is affecting her learning.  We have been trying to talk to the school about it and we were not getting very far, but finally today I talked to the Assistant Principal who knows Haven and our family well and who we have worked with in the past when Haven was getting her Epilepsy diagnosis done and dealt with.  She agreed that Haven is very bright and needs to be challenged, and that she needs to be in a positive learning environment.  We will meet with the AP, the Principal and the teacher Tuesday and I am not backing down on moving her, she needs it and it has to happen for her to be able to achieve at her highest potential.  We know that next year they begin placing the students, and in most subjects she is advanced, so we need to make sure she is placed where she will best fit academically.  These are the hard parenting moments, when you want to see the right thing happen quickly for your child, but you need to wait, and meet, and talk, and wait, and talk, etc.  I am hopeful that Tuesday we will all come to the conclusion that she cannot stay in the current class, and if the school does not agree, I will have no choice but to pull her out so that she continues to move forward in her studies.

So this is where we are at, trying to see the forest for the trees. We are all together, healthy, happy, content and very, very fortunate. 

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