Friday, October 1, 2010

If you give a pregnant lady a jalapeno popper

it will be all she thinks about all day long.  Seriously, I stopped at Sonic today to get a drink on my way to the farm and saw jalapeno poppers on the menu and thought I would give 'em a whirl at 10 am...they were so damn tasty and now I cannot have them again for a week since Sonic is so far away and so not something we would normally eat.

Today was our "busy" day, although I am beginning to believe that all days are busy in some way.  Teagie and I shuffled the olders to the bus stop just as Ryan pulled in the driveway which meant we could make an early escape since he would be home just in case something happened before the bus arrived.  Hightailed it out of the house and loaded Teagan and the crate of milk bottles into the car to begin our early morning adventures.  Of course, just as I arrived at the exit we needed to get off at, a horrific thought crossed my debit card is at home.  Ugh.  Called Ryan who confirmed that yes, the debit card was still at home.  Thankfully I have been this foolish before and keep a check stashed in my car just in case, whew.

First stop was to pick up the car seat I order a month ago. Kmart had an Evenflo car seat clearanced for like 20 bucks, seriously a car seat that usually costs almost 200 bucks was clearanced for 20 bucks and it was rated really well!  I of course ordered it since the only reason it was clearanced was because it was an "old" color and pattern which didn't matter worth a damn to me since it was neutral and fine for a spare seat for now and Finn's big seat for later.  Got to the store and customer service had no clue what I was talking about when I showed them the email that the car seat had arrived and even told me they don't do ship to store. They then sent me to the netherworld of the layaway department who REALLY had no clue.  Called a manager who said to come to customer service!?  Got there, they located the seat and when I got it, the box was banged up pretty badly.  Looked inside, seat was a-ok, but one of the cup holder thingies was missing.  Well, no skin off my teeth since we don't use them anyway in our car, we are too smooshed in as it is, so the last thing we need is something to make a car seat wider!  However the manager offered to refund me 5 bucks...on my 20 dollar purchase....of a 200 dollar car seat, well yes ma'am and thanks for the awesome deal, you just paid for my poppers :)

Finally got out of that store and finagled the seat into my car which was a comedy of errors, went to the bank and cashed my own check (sigh). Headed to the farm to pick up our 3 gallons of milk and quart of half and half that we use each week.  Soon we will need 3 1/2 gallons, and once Finn starts on milk, it will be at least 4 a week...the plan is to get a cow as soon as we can move!  Got the milk and some eggs, headed to Wegman's for the groceries and pondered the sheer cost of feeding my crew, and then rejoiced since the free stuff this week was all on my list.  Finally made it home, lugged all the food and overfull milk crate into the house, fed the baby who was frantically signing "eat" and got her down for a nap.  Then made eggplant and chicken parm to appease the family who have grown tired of my quick and easy meals of late.

Damn...every time I see that title I want a popper~

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