Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A short post

I am tired.  Tired of sick kids.  Tired of being uncomfortable.  And today, just TIRED since Haven has a cold and decided that keeping me up all night long, even though I don't feel well either, was a grand idea.  Add to that that I have a doctor's appointment this morning, followed by work, then I am alone with the kids tonight...yeah, outside the house from 9-5 on no sleep, feeling crappy, preggo and exhausted.  Did I mention that the hubby was supposed to come with me to the doctors but now can't because the sleep stealing child is being a pain. Yeah, I am freakin tired.

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tabitha said...

That's tired. I wish I could come help. I really do. Sometimes I have extra time & energy and if I could, I would spend it on you.