Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleep is SO not overrated!

I actually woke up this morning feeling good!  Yesterday I was so sore, every single step made me ache and by the time Ryan woke up, I was in tears from the pain. It was awful.  When the kids and I headed up last night, I was able to muscle through a ton of grading and get to sleep by 11, which is a pretty big deal for me...then Teagan slept until 7:30.  It was pure bliss.

I think we have turned the corner with Teagie, she was cutting a tooth (#8) and I believe that was what was causing the nap/sleep issues.  The tooth is through and we are back to taking a decent nap and sleeping through the night...I hope!

After getting some actual sleep, I was able to get up this morning and get some things done.  The sugar cookie dough I made yesterday has been cut, baked and packed to be frozen.  My work-work is done for FT job, dishes are done and laundry switched.  The kids and I played this morning and they are enjoying lunch, after which I will put Teagan down for her nap and make the chocolate chip cookies (triple batch!) and work on Britt's reading project with her.  Ry committed to getting up at 3 to help out and he is getting the baby gear down today so I can wash it all and get it ready for Finn's immanent arrival in the next few weeks and I am making grilled chicken for make your own salad tonight (last night all I could muster was eggs, English muffins and grapes).  I also have some more grading for PT school tonight, but will do that tucked into my comfy bed. Such a difference sleep can make!

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