Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teagan-the new poster child for abstinance

Really crazy morning, although I knew it would be and was as prepared as possible.  I slept only a few hours last night due to my lovely insomnia and got up early since the girls have an activity before school starts.  Got them up and ready, then Gray and Teagan up and ready with enough time to get myself showered and dressed!  The best part about having older kids and the baby is that they were happy to bring her downstairs and sit her in her high chair with Cheerios and her milk and watch her while I showered, such a gift that was since otherwise I would have had to shower with her in the bathroom with me, with the curtain open begging her not to play in the toilet.

Our neighbor picked the girls up and then Gray and I straightened the house until it was time to drop him at school.  Drove him up, chatted with one of the teacher's whose little girl is a friend of Brittan's then ran to the grocery store.  Teagan and I rushed through the store and I planned to come home and unload, but we had just enough time to take the trek down to the farm to get the milk, so away we went!  Got the milk and dropped the deposit check for the meat order, got back in the car and hightailed it back to town so I could make my OB appointment.  Now I knew my appointment was at 11, and that Teagan would be getting hungry for lunch, so I had planned ahead and packed her cup and a container with cheerios, raisins, turkey and cheese.  Well.....we had to wait, a LONG time, and she lost it.  She was a wailing sobbing thrashing throwing screaming mess of a baby girl in the waiting room.  There were a few people there with new babies and she wanted to touch the babies.  She wanted to climb the magazine racks.  She wanted to open the door and leave.  She was a wreck.  There was actually a teenage girl in the room who I am pretty sure will never have sex again after seeing Teagan today.  Thankfully the receptionist knows us and checked when we were due to head back, and right around the point we could take no more, we got into our room.  Once in the room, she was happy to sit on my lap and look at magazines, which certainly helped my blood pressure stay down.

In other news, we got our date for the c-section and it was just when I wanted it, although I fear he still may try to sneak out early.  The doc was a bit concerned that he was measuring so big, so I am off to another sonogram in two weeks to check size.  Thankfully we make big babies so it is not a real concern for us, but he just wants to double check everything to be sure he is doing ok in there since I am just about out of room.

Now I just need to work and then hopefully get to bed early tonight, I couldn't break it to poor Teagan, but we have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow morning!

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