Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making an agenda

Well.....hubby has to work tonight which changed our plans a bit.  Add to that the fact he is not feeling well, and I really feel bad for him!  Thankfully he will get home soon and head to bed and I have a few things up my sleeve to hopefully help him feel better!

On our agenda today:
1. Make soup for the hubby...I am making an Italian sausage and bean soup, it is a little spicy and filled with good veggies to soothe his throat.
2. Make meatballs for dinner for the rest of us.
3. Have the kids start switching out summer clothes to make room for winter, even though it will be in the high 70's this week.
4.  Ironically...start making Christmas cookies.  I am hoping to get a few dozen in the freezer by the end of the weekend. I usually make between 10 and 12 kinds, so I need to get a jump start.  This weekend I will make the chocolate chip and the sugar cut outs (we decorate closer to Christmas).
5. Grade a bunch of papers....need to stay on top of these, there are a bunch left!
6. Laundry.  We made a big dent yesterday, my goal today is to wash at least three loads.
7. Try to relax.  Tomorrow we will clean the house, it is becoming a weekly ritual that the kids and I (and Ryan if home) clean the house together each weekend.  I clean all week, but the extra help on weekends helps get bigger projects done and keeps things manageable.

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