Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mid-morning ain't pretty

Well.......not even 11 am and I have cried.  Seems Haven felt she needed to put a notebook on the shelf over the island where I keep my precious coffee roaster.  I went to quickly move said roaster since the stove was on and I was worried about it getting too much heat, ran into the notebook and the roaster fell to the floor.  One piece of the top is broken off, and while it fits together and when I tried it out it smokes more than it should.  This roaster is my one prized possession.  I waited about a year to buy it, they are expensive and I love being able to roast my own beans.  The fact that it is now broken is devastating and while I can "just buy another" I NEVER spend that kind of money on myself and don't want to have to do it to replace something I had that worked :(

Anyway...right now soup is bubbling on the stove.  I boiled and soaked about a cup and a half of navy beans for a few hours.  Poured the beans and liquid out and saved, then removed the casing from two sweet Italian sausage and chopped into bite sized hunks, browned with some onion and carrots.  Then I added the beans and liquid back, along with some chicken stock and it is cooking on the stove.  I will add in some diced fresh tomato, basil, orzo and fresh spinach before the day is done, along with salt and pepper, red pepper flakes and oregano.  This soup is hearty and tasty and will hopefully make the hubby feel better.

Currently making no promises on the meatballs, I am feeling the effects of the baby's early waking, so they may need to wait until tomorrow. I can always grill some chicken tenders up and do the "make your own salad" night.

Sugar cookie dough is in the fridge and the cookie cutters are ready to go.  It took me years to find a sugar cookie recipe I liked and that froze well.  I now use the first one listed here  I cut the butter in by hand and add an extra tablespoon of cream (actually we use half and half) and the cookies always come out soft and crisp.  We freeze them before decorating and they freeze like a dream, just don't be afraid, the dough is very crumbly before you chill it, but it will come together.  Off to make lunches so the crabby baby can take a nap and the equally crabby mama can join her.

***EDITED TO ADD-Found the replacement part for the roaster!  Only 13 bucks shipped and YES I am making the kid pay for it (I provided her a discount)!  She has mucho dinero and it will be a good lesson not to leave stuff everywhere!  Thirteen bucks beats having to pay $150 for a whole new roaster. ***

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