Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holy Hormones Batman

I am over 32 weeks pregnant now and it blows my mind that Teagan was born a mere 5 weeks from where I am now.  I am not ready for Finn, well not mentally anyway.  I have all the clothes ready, they just need a wash.  I have the gear, including the warm car seat cover that we never needed with the other kids. I have just four or five Christmas gifts left to purchase. I know he is coming soon, really soon, but I am still so immersed in work, school, kids, etc. that I just cannot get my head around how quickly it is coming, and it is throwing me for a loop.

The last two days have been hormonal meltdown days.  Work is crazy, PT job is keeping me busy since I am trying to stay on top of everything "just in case" I am finalizing Chapter 1 of my dissertation which is proving impossible since I am so tired, I am rushing to write the last three weeks of lectures for the course I am developing and I am trying to maintain the household so it is ready for when Finn comes.  Ryan's car was in the shop today getting tires and an alignment, and when we picked it up they told us the brake lights don't work, so tomorrow the car will go to the dealership to get the sensor fixed.  Add to that the playroom is still being worked on, my bathroom is a wreck, the baby gear needs to be washed, I need to move the car seats around, the bassinet needs to be put in my room, and so on and so forth...I am a wreck!

I melted down to the husband today and I think we have a plan.  The playroom trim needs to get done ASAP so we can put the room back together.  He is setting up our bathroom so I can use everything but the shower, which will help after the c-section.  A few other key tasks will get done as well, and as long as I get Chapter 1 sent over to my chair on Thursday and the lectures written by Sunday, I will have two big concerns off my list.  In five to six weeks, we will have a whole new set of challenges, of adventures, or happiness and stress, and I am trying to calm myself enough to get through these last weeks, get my ducks in a row, and be able to enjoy my new son when he comes.

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