Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you are the betting type....

we can play, "Guess when Finn comes"

I will share some information and if you care to, you can venture a guess when our fifth child, second son, will makes his arrival. Sadly no prizes if you are correct, but I can email you a pic of a gold star if you like :)

Finn will be a scheduled c-section no later than December 3rd, due date is the no guesses after the 3rd.

My other kids were born 1 at full term, 1 at 38 weeks (induction then c-sec), 1 at 38 weeks (c-sec) 1 at 37 weeks (c-sec)

I have had labor concerns with all kids except #3, preterm with #1 and 2 at 28 and 32 weeks, preterm with #4 at 33 weeks and again just before 37 weeks.

Finn is VERY big, measuring at least 2.5 weeks ahead and has been settled head down for a number of weeks already.  I have dropped more in the last few weeks and have had regular, strong, real contractions.

So..venture a guess if you will, I am 33 weeks right now, turning 34 weeks over the weekend.  Oh, and feel free to guess his size too

 For reference Haven-9lbs 6 oz 23", Britt-8lbs 2oz-19 1/2", Gray 8 lbs 4 ozs-19 1/2", Teagan 7 lbs 6 ozs-19"

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Christine Deppen said...

Wow, you do grow them big! Thank goodness they were c-sections! I hope Finn isn't getting too comfortable in there!