Saturday, October 16, 2010

It is all about the me

Life with a houseful of kids, crazy jobs, school, chores, etc. can make for a lot of highs and lows throughout a day, hell throughout an hour!  Last week was tough, but it is over.  Haven is on the mend, the hubs is working again tonight (OT) but will be home tomorrow, and we are all getting what needs to get done, done and have plans to celebrate with a night out tomorrow!

Grayson has a birthday party to attend this afternoon, and usually I go out during the week to get the present so I don't have to drag everyone with me on the weekend.  Sadly that just didn't happen, Haven was just feeling too sick for me to take her around town.  So first thing this morning I loaded everyone up, along with my cup of coffee that the husband brought home for me, and we headed out to Target.  Well the kids were like a bunch of cats high on catnip...seriously a crazy bunch of buggers, so much so that we almost had to get right back in the car when we got there!  In the parking lot the kids were briefed on the expectations at Target, and away we went!  Thankfully it was not crowded, so my roaming and distracted children were not too much of a menace, and we managed to secure the much needed birthday gift, four new sets of PJs for Teagan, wipes and a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy...I think I was weakened by the crazy children.  So, mission accomplished, although it was not the smoothest of adventures. However we did discuss the important topic of Halloween dinner on our way home and the children decided on the following menu: Witches Toes (homemade chicken nuggets), Monster Brains (Rotini with pesto and mozzarella cheese thrown in for ick and slime factor), beetles and slugs salad (black grapes and bananas sliced longways with a yogurt dip) and of course, Ghost Punch (blue lemonade).  Yummy!

Came home and decided to attack the mail pile.  Since our bills are all paid online, usually mail is the least of my concerns and ends up in recycling or trash pretty quickly.  Today as I was sorting, I noticed a weird envelope and opened it...and inside was a certificate from my FT gig.  I have been there 5 years and as a reward for the insanity that can be caused by the job (just kidding, it is a pretty good job) they sent me this 50 dollar card with a code for a website.  Curious, I logged on and was super freakin excited....I could trade that 50 bucks in for gift cards of varying amounts at a million different stores!  Seriously, they had everything from LobsterGram to Amazon to Outback to CVS!  Needless to say, I got picking and secured cards to Target, CVS, Amazon and Toys R Us...I see the last few Christmas purchases within my evil grasp.

Now I must gather the ingredients for lunch, while in a state of gift card euphoria, I promised the kids they could have make your own pizza bagels for lunch...and promised a million toppings, I better get chopping!

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