Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making headway

We have been busy here, I have enlisted the rest of the family in my hormonal nesting and it is slowly paying off.  Ryan has finished painting the playroom trim and we will get to putting the room back together so my parents can sleep in there when the baby comes.  I still need to get new curtains and bedding, but other than that, it is ready...well until we put the carpet in, but that is not happening until after the holidays!

I washed all the baby gear and reassembled.  We will store everything upstairs in our room for the next few weeks except the car seat base that will go into the car in the next week or so.  I plan to do a big car cleanout to prep for the kid shuffle.  We have an extended Trailblazer that we bought with only three kids.  Right now I have Brittan and Grayson in the way back, Haven and Teagan in the middle seats with Teagan rear facing.  When we make the move, Grayson will stay in the way back and Teagan will join him, Finn will take Teagan's spot and Britt and Haven will share the other two seats in the middle.  When the whole family is together, we will fill every seat in the car!  Thankfully the truck is paid off in less than a year, so we plan to tough it out for two more years and then buy an airport shuttle....like this one although we will look for one that is used :)

I have also gone through the last of the baby clothes, scrubbed the bathroom, straightened the house and washed a million loads of laundry. I still need to organize my room to make space for the bassinet and make sure Grayson's room is spotless since my mom will sleep there when we are at the hospital.  I am hoping I can get the baby's room painted, but it may not happen and I am ok with that, it is the big things we need to work on right now that are important. Hopefully by the end of Ryan's days off next week we will have the house back in order and be ready for the new baby...hooray!

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