Saturday, October 9, 2010

P is for Pumpkins (and Papa & Nana)

My parents rolled into town last night and came bearing gifts from their recent trip.  They were in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia and England and got the kids some awesome presents.  The girls got gorgeous stacking dolls and Grayson got some legos straight from the source :)  All the kids were given stuffed Beefeaters and my parents bought Ryan and two Christmas ornaments, one that is designed like a stacking doll but is a tree, Santa and snowman :)  I also got my chocolate covered biscuits from Harrods as request, nummy!

Today we will probably have a park day and the kids want to build the Halloween Haunted Gingerbread house.  Tomorrow we will meet up with my sister's crew at a local farm to pumpkin pick, see animals, do the corn maze and enjoy the festivities!  Now if only it wasn't in the 80's :(

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