Monday, October 4, 2010

This week I will be a single mom to many

We have had a busy few days, yesterday we cleaned the house and Ryan finished priming the playroom.  As we were planning to head out as a family to have dinner and get some new Halloween decorations, Brittan spiked a 102.5 fever. Since she had no symptoms except a little headache and being cold, we Motrined her and waited a half hour until she felt better, and away we went.

Got to the store and found candy corn that Haven can actually eat, so we loaded up on bags of candy corn and bunches of Halloween decorations that I will put up tomorrow.  Went to Chili's for dinner since we had 30 bucks in gift certificates and then home in the chilly rain to shuffle kids to bed.  Last night I worked upstairs with the window open and the rain trickling down-it was perfect while Ryan spent his evening painting the first coat in the playroom.  He stayed up really late, but got the while first coat done and it looks so, so good, I love the color we chose! 

Today we have Britty home and I was hoping the fever would break since she has a field trip tomorrow, but she is looking pretty harsh.  I managed to get to the grocery store and home by 9:15 this morning, we had a water/juice box emergency :)  Now I am snuggled in my comfy clothes, Britt is resting, Teagan is napping and Ryan is sleeping since he works tonight, albeit from home.  I will have to put on "real" clothes later since I have to go to class and give an exam :(

This week will be a crazy one.  Ryan works through Saturday night, that is six 12 hour shifts in a row!  I work tonight, then tomorrow shuffle kids to school and then have to run to the OB for a shot, then Wednesday I have a cardio appointment in the morning and need to pick up a fundraiser at the kid's school at 7 that night with all the kiddos in tow, Thursday I need to drop the girls off early then pick up Quail Cove then drop Gray off then farm then dance, and Friday kids have a half day and my parents come. Whew.

On an unrelated side note, I have seen a lot of visitors from a number of countries show up on my new ticker, so cool! I also think it is funny that people who want nothing to do with me and my family keep reading here, wonder what they are looking for....

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