Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Little Miss

As I sit here, Teagan Jayne is happily running amok in the dining room pulling papers down, dumping out boxes of band aids and dragging toys about.  As the fourth child with older kids in the house, we confine her to a "safe" area during the times when I can not watch her like a hawk since the bigger kids often leave small items about that could hurt her.  During the day, I always free her from that area and let her have at it while I am watching her. She runs the loop from the dining room to the foyer to the kitchen and back.  She plays with the magnets on the fridge.  She pulls out everyone's shoes and tries them on.  It is a big adventure for her as she explores different parts of her world and it is so much fun watching her stop by the window to check out a squirrel or lay on the floor next to Rosie for a hug.

Things will be crazy soon as we will find a new routine that will work. It will be a new adventure for all of us, but for today I am enjoying watching my baby girl throw band aids and playdoh containers about.  The mess can always wait.

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