Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Whew, it was a busy few days!

Parents came in late Friday, then Saturday we went and had lunch at the park and the kids enjoyed the beautiful warm weather.  Came home to put the baby down for a nap and the three big kids went swimming at the hotel pool.  After a nice dinner, my parents went back to the hotel and the kids and I shuffled to bed.

Sunday we met my sister and her crew at a local pumpkin farm for their Fall Festival.  It was HOT!  Kids had fun on the big slide, zip line, hay swing, feeding farm animals, doing the corn maze and riding the hayride to get pumpkins.  It was a great afternoon, just too warm for "fall" and the poor mama and littlest baby were really wiped out.  My parents dropped us at the house so the kids could get some down time, and Ryan got up and ready so we could head to dinner.  Dinner turned out to be a nightmare, the food took forever to come out, the baby drank too fast and yakked down my back, the kids were too tired to eat when the food finally came, but they were so good even though they were restless, which was the best part of the evening :)

Came home and bathed and shower the troops, did some work and tried to sleep, but poor little Teagan was so overtired she was having a rough night.  Normally she is a champion sleeper, but if she is sick or overtired, she really struggles.  She was up from about midnight until after 2, and I spent most of that time rocking her in the chair in her room.  While I was tired and I wanted to crawl into my own bed, I relish those moments of quiet when she has her little arms wrapped tight around my neck, her face nuzzled into me while she breathes quietly in her sleep.  Babies grow so quickly, and while I still adore the hugs and snuggles from the big kids, those moments when they still fit into your arms so perfectly, they are fleeting, and disappear when we are not looking. So I sat and rocked and nuzzled and kissed that baby girl.

We were up and moving early, my parents came just before 9 am so we could head to an ultrasound.  While we were waiting, we were watching my belly jump and dance and I told Ryan that Finn was head down and stretching his legs but that the tech would confirm.  I was also pretty sure he was about 4 1/2 - 5 lbs (average at this gestation is 3.3 lbs) and the tech confirmed he is measuring about 5 lbs!  He is also measuring 2.5 weeks ahead on length, and is head down as we suspected.  All these things mean I need to be on high alert in the coming weeks since I have a tendency towards preterm labor and it seems like Finn is getting ready to go.  Hopefully he will hang in until at least 36 weeks, which is only 4 1/2 weeks away, but knowing my babies, we will evict him on his scheduled c-section date.

Cute kid pics and a really cool video of Finn to come....


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Christine said...

Can't wait to see the new pics - and video of Mr Finn!