Saturday, October 30, 2010

I wait for this all year

Today we started the first fire of the season, and I am in heaven.  I love having a fire in the fireplace, there is something about the warm glow, the smell of burning wood, the crackling and shimmering logs.  We are using up the last of our wood and I will need to get going on ordering some more, since once we get into the habit of a fire, it is hard to break.  The kids are so excited, they all went out to collect twigs and sticks and helped stack the last of the wood so we would be ready.  I just hope the wood lasts the day, and fear we may need to take a run to the wood guy this afternoon and load up the truck just to appease the masses.

In addition to the fire, I am starting the next batch of Christmas cookies.  These will be chocolate cookies dipped in a chocolate peppermint glaze topped with crushed peppermint candies...oh my they are good!  I am also thinking of making some Challah bread since the week ahead looks pretty cold and the kids love toasted Challah with eggs or french toast made with the fresh bread. 

This is home. This is my favorite time of the year, when we get warm and cozy and make things with our hands.  These are the memories I hope my kids look back on fondly, that they remember the excitement of the first fire, that they enjoy cooking from scratch and working together to make holiday treats.  This is our life together, and I love it!

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