Friday, October 29, 2010

With a shiver in my bones just thinking......

about the weather! (thank you for the apropos lyrics 10000 Maniacs)

What the hell is going on here?  Earlier this week we had tornado watches and the AC was blowing and it was hot and humid and disgusting!  Today it is brisk and tonight there is a frost warning?  I am all for the cold weather and have been anxiously awaiting the cooler days and nights for weeks now, but seriously, AC two days ago, heat tonight?  My heat pump is going to get a complex!

I am, however, looking forward to sleeping in the chill tonight. For some reason the cool air welcomes deep slumber for me, and since sleep has been elusive lately, I am excited to get some rest. Plus cold weather means hot breakfast in the am, I am planning on a nice big pot of maple cinnamon oatmeal.

Today was yet another crazed day, but I am holding out hope that the weekend will be more relaxed. Teagie and I left the house around 9 am, hit the grocery store, a different one than yesterday but where I needed to go for sandwich meat and a rockin' deal on a pork roast.  Then off to Target where she was treated to a croissant and I slugged back a Pumpkin Spice Latte while securing Britt's Halloween outfit, a few accessories for Gray, and other random stuff like a new air filter and a shower curtain liner.  We were supposed to go to Justice after that to grab gifts for a double birthday party tomorrow night and some stocking stuffers for my big girls, but I forgot my 40% off card and will have to go tomorrow morning instead.  Came home and ate lunch, put the baby down and cleaned the house up, then the big kids came home and Gray's friend came to play, so they were a bunch of crazy, silly, happy kiddos outside.  Slapped together a dinner of mixed leftovers for the crew, did a work call and settled into bed. 

Hubby is off tomorrow night and doing the birthday party run, and I am planning to relax and do some laundry and save my energy to attack my bedroom on Sunday as it is the last big thing on my to-do list.  Thankfully I am reaching my "settle in" point, most of the chores are done, stuff is nearly ready, work is winding down...I am getting ready to sit and usher in winter, Christmas and our new son.

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