Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesdays are like Fridays with a crazy busy weekend ahead!

It has been an interesting few days.  Gray is finally back at school today, after having everyone home yesterday I was thrilled to see all the big kids off this morning!  Whatever Grayson had, he was sick but with weird symptoms. It started with the wicked fever that lasted until Monday night, he complained of a headache and body aches, Monday the cough started and he broke out in a horrible itchy rash all over his little body :(  Thankfully yesterday he felt well all day, no fever or rash and just a little cough left, so he was raring to go this morning!  Me, on the other hand, not so excited to get moving.  Three nights in a row now with just a few hours sleep and I am wiped out.  Very thankful that today is presentation day for my class, that will take at least an hour of time and then I just need to review one more chapter, go over the next presentation, review for the exam and we will be done!  My classes are off a week, since we had Labor Day off for the Monday class, so it is weird that the Wednesday class is a "week ahead" of the Monday class and confuses me most weeks.  They won't get caught up until the week of Thanksgiving, so I hope I get used to the strange schedule.

I am VERY excited that next Wednesday my class has an exam, this will give me some time to work on Chapter 1 of the dissertation :)  Monday's class the following week will have their exam and I will grade Wednesday's exam from the week prior, then Wednesday there is no class for their site visit.  I am looking forward to the day off mid-week, it will be a welcomed break to recharge for the final few weeks before the baby is born and the semester ends.

Cleaned Grayson's room yesterday and put his clothes in his new dresser.  Ryan moved the old dresser, that has the changing table on top, into the room the babies will be sharing and I was able to get Finn's clothes and blankets put away.  Looks like we have enough room for both dressers and two cribs in there, as well as the rocking chair, which is a huge relief since I was afraid we would need to move a dresser out.  Now all I need to do is paint the room and get new curtains and we are ready for the new boy!

I guess I need to shower and get dressed for work, such a tough life :)

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