Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Sunday where we pretend it is not 85 degrees outside

I want Fall to come, real Fall, but sadly it has not showed up so hot weather be damned, I am cooking like it is Fall!

Today I figured we needed some comfort foods, Grayson is still sick and running a fever, but other than that and being achy and tired, he is doing OK.  Teagan seems better today but we will see what the afternoon holds, that is always her crash point.  Haven is STILL melting down...sigh...always a precursor to getting sick so I expect her to hit the wall today or tomorrow.  Britt is swell :)

We have an abundance of apples, they were really cheap at the store and are an easy snack that all the kids like, so I have a crisper drawer full.  I decided that we should have a Fall meal day, so I just made the dough for cinnamon rolls and it is rising in the kitchen.  I cannot think of a smell I love more than a good yeast dough, it is sweet and delicious and just makes the house feel homey.  Once the dough is ready, I will be making apple cinnamon rolls with a caramel glaze in place of the usual cream cheese icing.  My batch is a double batch, so the second load will be left in the fridge and Tuesday I will have chocolate orange sweet rolls for the kids after school :)

Dinner will be one of my all time Fall favorites.  I am making a maple glazed roasted pork loan with an apple and raisin stuffing and roasted acorn good does that sound??  Oh how I wish the windows were open and there was a crisp breeze blowing, maybe I should just turn up the AC so we can really get the feeling of Fall!

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