Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am not sure how we'd survive if we did not use teamwork around here.  My job is super busy, Ryan works crazy odd hours, the kids have activities, and there are a whole lot of us.  Chaos and mess happens easily around here, one or two days without a good cleanup and things get piled, but thankfully we work well as a team.

This morning the baby woke at 6:30 and I was dead tired, so Ryan stayed up with her and fed her and the other kids as they roused.  There was a syrup mishap that required laundry, which he simply handled, and when I came down at 8:30 everything was calm and he even started my coffee.  I knew he was sleepy too, so when Teagan went for her nap at 9:30, I sent him up to bed as well and kicked the kids into gear.  Together, the three big kids and I got the entire downstairs spic and span.  The dining room had been cluttered with back to school stuff, now it is neat and clean, dusted and scrubbed.  The foyer has been organized and dusted, the kitchen scrubbed from top to bottom, bathroom cleaned and the family room organized and cleaned.  We even sorted the changing table area we have in the family room (trust me, with one going on two babies, it is a necessity) and organized all of the cloth diapers for Finn, Teagan's gear and packed up anything we no longer needed.  Toys were wiped down, the desk organized and the floors given a good once over.  Now I sit here and know our house is clean, and for an OCD person, that is a calming feeling.

When Ryan gets up, he will then put his side of the team to work.  He is on laundry duty today, and he needs to clean the glass on the kitchen lights (I can't reach them).  I will run to the store for the last few items for back to school and for our lunch of croque-monsieurs, then home to make a roast chicken dinner with all the fixins, complete with a pie for dessert.  Order, quality time together  and teamwork make the crazy days calm and easy.  Kids are happy, Ryan and I are prepared to snuggle on the couch tonight and relax and tomorrow I am taking the whole day off work...wheeeee!

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