Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy days

Whew, it has been a crazy few days!

Yesterday we got the kids off to school, Ryan walked them again, and then I headed out with Teagan to meet a friend and her little girl for breakfast and a Target run.  It was lots of fun and the little girls were so good, but poor Teagie passed out on the way home :)  Got home, started stew for dinner then grabbed a quick nap before class time.  Woke up and asked Ryan if the kids were home since it was pushing 4, they were not.  Needless to say they did not walk in the door until after 5!  Their bus had clipped a mailbox just after leaving the school and  needed to stay on site, so the poor kids were stuck two blocks away waiting for a new bus to come get them!  When we called the school about the bus, they hadn't been notified, and by the time they got through to transportation and called parents back, the kids were on the new bus.  Then the new driver took them the wrong way, so our kids who should have been home in 5 minutes were on the bus an extra 45!  Ugh, the whole thing was a pain in the rear, and the kids came home crabby and tired.  Needless to say, Gray missed practice last night since he walked in the door the time we needed to leave!

Then I headed off to class and didn't leave campus until 10, made it home and into sweet bed!

This morning I thought I had a cardiologist appointment, but actually had an OB appointment!  Thankfully this was figured out in time for me to make the OB appointment :)  Good appointment, got excused from the glucose test (yeah!), scheduled some blood work and started the process of scheduling my c-section.  If all goes as planned, this little guy will arrive on December 2nd or 3rd unless he chooses to come earlier on his own.  Baby looked great, my stuff looked great and we also confirmed that I can leave 48 hours after the c-section if all goes well, just like with Teagan and Grayson...yippee!

Then I came and got Ryan and Teagan and grabbed some lunch.  Now just working a bit, and then off to nap when I put Teagan down.  Good days.

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