Saturday, September 11, 2010

We interrupt this ridiculous schedule to bring you this blog post

Wow.  That is what I have to say, wow I am swamped.

To say I hate the weeks my husband works the 4 12-hour shifts is a sincere understatement.  These weeks are long and hard and being we added school in, I am very tired.  We must push on however!

Up 6:45 go to football this morning.  Hubby set the crockpot up with steel cut oats for the kiddos before going to work last night, so we awoke to the yummy smells and a hot and hearty breakfast.  Got the four littles dressed and myself ready, and we dressed warm since it was in the low 50's when we left...however in the sun at the game, it was sweltering!

Managed to grab a pumpkin spice latte on our way, thinking I may need an intervention soon, and we got to the game on time :)  Game was great, there are a few really fast boys on the team and they scored a bunch of touchdowns making this week 2 in a row with a win.  Now my boy...well, he did what he was told and tried, and for his first year, I can see how much he is learning and that is what matters to me.

After football, I always try to combine being out with stuff we need to do, it just makes it easier.  Since we were down near one of the bigger towns, and we needed groceries, we decided to make a Wegman's run.  The kids did great, even though they were tired and getting hungry, so we got all our groceries and then got some lunch while we were there.  I have to say, the amount of prepared food they have from the real pizza to the salad bar to the Indian and Thai selections, it makes it easy to feed my crew.  Fed the kiddos, loaded groceries, got home and unloaded groceries and put the baby down for a nap.  Then I attacked some of the grading I have to do and prepped for dinner.

Ah yes, dinner.  I've realized that I got lazy through the summer with meals.  I mean, we ate, and we ate fairly healthy, but nothing really exciting was cooked here.  That is changing BIG TIME!  I am back on track with the menu this week, and it includes some of my favorite things from fall.  Tonight we are having sliders, blue cheese sliders for most of the family except Brittan and I who will have some other kind, probably mushroom for me and Cheddar cheese for Britt.  I just made some coleslaw up to go along side, plus lettuce and gorgeous yellow tomatoes, yummy!  Tomorrow we are having orecchitte with sundried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, basil and fresh mozzarella..oh and I am making foccacia.  Monday I teach, and Gray now has football, so beef stew with white and sweet potatoes and carrots and biscuits to soak up the gravy, Tuesday will be maple glazed pork roast with oven roasted acorn squash and a nice big spinach salad.  Tasty tasty things are happening here.

OK, back to the crazy schedule, I need to finish working!

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