Saturday, September 11, 2010


I just got the best email EVER, and I needed it after the last few weeks.

My bestest friend since 6th grade will be in town next weekend!  We missed seeing them last January when they were here because two of my kids had pink eye and Teagan had pneumonia, and I was so sad because the meanie up and moved to California a few years ago, got hitched and became a step mama and I MISS HER!

Then today I found out they were headed our way!  Grayson has a football game next weekend and it sounds like they are all trying to come, and by all I mean Chelle and her crew, her twin sister, her baby sister and all the associated spouse/partners/kids!  Wheee!  I haven't seen Diane in a year and a half either so this will be so much fun.  Oh, did I mention that Diane lives up by my sister....maybe we can convince Chelle to move back to VA and then my crew can move that way and we can all be in the same area, now that would be a fun town!

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