Friday, September 17, 2010

Taste the processed cheese food

Hello, my name is Tribemama and I am making a meal with Velvetta.  I don't think I have ever, EVER, made anything with Velvetta, I am not sure I have ever even bought it before, but I saw a recipe that had it in it and it looked yummy and I had a million ways to make the original recipe into something I think the family will enjoy.  The recipe was also for a casserole and I really don't make any casseroles and feel I need to up my skills in this area to be prepared for when I have five big kids eating, casseroles once in a while might save my rear :)

So basically what I am making is a rice and chicken thing.  I boiled a bunch of chicken breasts, they are all natural no hormone-y chicks does that help me today???  I then used the water, added some Sazon seasoning and salt and pepper and cooked up some rice (also organic...better yet?) and transferred rice to a casserole dish.  Made a quick roux, added some milk (from the farm..??) and the Velvetta.....  Let the cheese food melt down, added a can of Rotel and some random seasonings and it tasted pretty yummy, kind of like a rich queso.  Chopped the chicken breasts, threw them on top of the rice and then dumped the sauce over the top.  I will top with real cheddar cheese and some fresh diced tomatoes and I am really wishing I had some cilantro to throw in the mix, maybe next time if I can bring myself to buy the Velvetta again.  Big spinach salad will be served on the side to help alleviate this mama's guilt. BTW, it looks really yummy, like really super, cheesy, spicy yummy. *sigh*

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