Friday, September 3, 2010

Clarity comes in waves....sometimes BIG CRASHING ones

Ah yesterday...this one will go down in the books as one of the days when the skies become clear and you find the path that had been there all along, and you simply didn't know it.  Yesterday everything changed, and I am so looking forward to all the tomorrows.

One change that happened, albeit a small one, was we went to school to meet the kid's teachers.  Ryan had work, so I fed the kids some baked ziti and breadsticks I made from our leftover pizza dough and off we traipsed to the elementary school.  The teacher list was posted, and the kids checked it out, and everyone was really happy with their assignments and each kid had other kids they knew in their classes...whew!

We stood in the heat until they opened the doors for my third kindergarten orientation, and we tried very hard to listen even though Teagan really just wanted to talk to us over the speakers :)

Then off to visit the kindergarten room where my big girls went on the tour with the little kids to help the grownups out.  They knew the two teachers running the tour and the girls were so excited they were asked to come along and help with the kinderkids.  This was great, but left me with Teagan alone in the room while trying to listen to the teacher.  Somehow we made it through and Grayson came back very excited about the tour and all they saw!  We said goodbye to our friends in that room, and moved on to Haven's fifth grade room.  From what I could gather, her teacher is really on top of things and seems to be really nice.  I am hoping that this will be a good year for Haven, she has friends in the class and seems excited to head back next week. Finally, the last stop was Brittan's room.  Her teacher was super sweet and the room was just what Brittan loves...organized to a "t"!  She had some good friends in her class and was very excited to see them and find out how third grade will work this year. Last stop was the PTO table to sign up and the school gear table to get some new stuff for the kiddos, plus a few short breaks to chat with friends.

Came home and fed everyone again since they were STARVED.  Also got really great news about a friend of ours...seems her plans to come live closer to us is happening, and soon!  She has been in Florida and will be moving to West Virginia, which means we will get to see a lot more of her!  The kids LOVE her, and so do we, and I can't wait to have her closer.   Her move here means that I may be able to get the hubby to move near my sister, which will make my sister happy, make me happy, make my kids SO happy and make Ryan happy since his friend will be living up that way too.  Hmm, Apple Country sounds like a good fit for our crazy brood, and if the housing market doesn't want to work with us, we will rent this place out and get the heck out of dodge!

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