Saturday, September 4, 2010

Joy and excitement

Today was an exciting day, it was Grayson's first football game and his team won!  Now my boy is by no means "good" but he has improved so much just since practices began, and as many know, the season start was not a pleasant one.  He may not run fast or be able to catch the ball well, but put him in front of people and he will block.  On one play it took two boys much bigger than him to bring him down.  He isn't powering through anyone, but being this is his first season, we are happy with what he is doing, and the coach seems pleased that he has no fear on the field :)

He is loving it, so we really want to see his skills expand.  We are placing him in flag football this spring if we can so he can work on the running and catching skills, but his place may be defense since he is happy to stand there and push on people.

On another note, my kids have been so good lately, especially when out and about.  After the game we needed to go to the Verizon store since my Blackberry died the other day, and they were super well behaved while we waited for my new phone.  Then we headed off to Panera for a quick lunch, and again, awesome kids, sitting quietly, listening, being patient.  It makes it so nice to go out with all of them when they are good! Now at home has been a different story, but I will take good behavior out and about any day.

Now we are gearing up for the start of school.  We have to grab first day of school clothes for the girlies and stock up on food for lunches.  We then have a super family feast planned for Monday night, and off they head on Tuesday.  Thankfully I have plans for Tuesday morning as well and will be able to leave Teagie with Ryan so I can head off for some "girl talk" with friends.  Life is good!

The week ahead is busy, with outings, work, school, football and dance, but we are all getting so excited for Fall to get here. Apple picking trips are being made, and the freezer is getting stocked this week with chicken and beef to hold us through the season.  Wood will be order in the next few weeks for the fireplace and we will soon be into my favorite time of the year.  Bring on the fall leaves, crisp breezes, apple pies and hoodies, we are ready!

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