Friday, September 10, 2010

Keep it comin"

Another awesome morning!  Weather is beautiful, sun is shining and we are off and running!

Teagan and I needed to run to Target this morning, and thankfully the big kids were ready early enough that they kindly watched the baby while I showered.  I broke out some of Teagan's new Fall clothes and she looked smashing, and as soon as the kids boarded the bus, we headed out.

Our Target has a Starbucks, and I had some money left on my birthday Starbucks card, so I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte...OMG, these are fantastic!  Then Teagan and I went exploring.  I found a bunch of clearanced shirts for Grayson, a few cute outfits for Teagan and the most adorable striped sweater outfit for Finn.  We tried to get some Fall shoes for Teagan and another pair of Converse for Gray, but all the shoes were missing!  Guess they are redoing the section and were moving things around :)

Grabbed some more sippy straw cups for Teagan and stocked up on some healthy snacks for the big kids for school, and ran into my neighbor and babysitter and had a nice chat.  Finished up, came home, and put the baby down for a nap sans pacifier! 

Finished cleaning up and worked, and now just need to do the dishes and make homemade mac and cheese for dinner tonight since we have football.

Keep the good days coming!

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