Thursday, September 9, 2010

The grand plan

Lucky you, two posts in one day :)  See what happens when the big kids are at school and I get work done early...did I mention I already have a good, healthy dinner cooking, wheee!

I always have a plan, usually a grand plan that is years away and often unattainable. Sometimes these plans happen much to everyone's surprise, such as my MBA, getting an online teaching job and pursuing my doctorate.  Other plans have been thrown out, back burnered and changed.

We have been trying to move for years for many. many reasons.  For me, the biggest reason is space, both inside and out.  Our current house is large enough for our family, but the layout is not the best and we desperately need bigger bathrooms and a better kitchen.  Outside we need more too.  We want to plant more, grow more, raise animals, and this lot is just not set up to do any of that, so we are looking for a minimum of 5 acres or closer to 10 so we can grow much more food and raise some animals.

The housing market has been a big issue for us, so was me being in school and some debt we have been carrying.  About a year ago, we decided we had enough of the debt and began getting rid of it, and while it has been a long and slow process, we are really making headway!  We anticipate being out of debt in just over 2 years time.  When that happens, we won't even need to sell this house, we should be able to rent it and buy land and build our dream home.  I see that plan, this dream coming true, and it is all I can think about!  It seems far, two years, but still so very close!  I am hoping that this summer we will begin scouting land, and maybe purchase in December 2011.  We can then, if the market is not conducive to selling, start reviewing building plans in spring and investigating renting this house to cover the costs.  If all goes well, we will be moved no later than Haven's 13th birthday!  So flippin excited!

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