Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sniffle sniffle

I fear we may be getting colds here or our allergies are in full swing, as my house is filled with sounds of sniffles, sneezes and coughs!  No one seems sick, so it very well may be allergies, but I better get the tissue supply restocked! I was super productive today getting some cleaning done and work out of the way, and I managed to find good deals on three things for Gray and four for Teagan for Christmas.  I also scoped a bunch of stuff for my big girls and will acquiring those this week as well.  By the end of the week, Teagan is half done and everyone else about a third of the way done, not too shabby for September!

Looking forward to the week ahead.  Tomorrow Teagan and I are heading out to breakfast, then home to get some work done and then off to work.  Ryan is wrangling kids at football while I am at work, which is a change in schedule, but probably for the best.  Tuesday I have to see the cardiologist, oh joy, then lunch with the hubby and baby,  then home to work on laundry and the standard chores.  Wednesday is crazy day, but is followed by fun Thursday where I am hoping to meet a friend for lunch and get some Christmas shopping done. Teagie will be with me, but I am pretty sure she won't spill the beans! Then we are off to dance in the evening :)  Friday is house work and football practice and Saturday is football and friends!

We are adjusting to the new schedule pretty well, but the kids are very tired by Saturday afternoon!  I am thankful that we don't need to be up at the crack of dawn this week, it will be a nice reprieve.

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