Thursday, September 23, 2010

They're coming to take me away....

Last night the hubby headed into work just a little while after I got home, I hate not seeing him Wednesday, but we do what we have to.  Kids and I finished homework and dinner, cleaned up and put the exhausted baby to bed.  Once the hubs got in, he sent me a message asking about working some overtime.  He is already working an extra shift this week, which is his long week to start, so I was hesitant.  It actually worked out ok, he will work a VERY long week of 6 12-hour days, but it is a week that I am off from PT school and my parents come that weekend to visit, so I may even be able to sneak in a nap.  He will basically work, drive home, sleep, work...but almost all the days are weekdays so the kids won't miss out on seeing him.  Between now and October 16th, he will work 4 OT shifts, which is a lot given his current schedule already includes OT each week plus a crazy commute.  It is well worth it though, the money will be great with Christmas coming, his car needs tires, mine needs brakes, we need to put some more money in savings and there are a few "wants" that we will finally get :)  However, I am aware that I may lose my mind sometime between now and 10/16 :)

Today is our quiet day.  Got all my work work done, Teagan is watching a baby counting video, I am about to switch the laundry again and then she and I will make some cinnamon rolls and granola bars (cranberry with white chips).  Tonight is dance, so the littles will be tired, tomorrow Teagie and I need to go out first thing so I can get some bloodwork done, then home for house stuff, then football followed by a game on Saturday and a race for Brittan on Sunday...whew!

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