Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And you and me are Free to Be...

I have been pondering a few things lately.  There were a few blogs I used to read that I no longer do anymore, and the main reason I don't read them is that the people presented themselves in a way that was untrue.  I am not saying they are liars, but that they felt this weird need to post things in a light that was unrealistic and not a real representation of their life. One blog, the women claims to be all super crunchy, cloth diapers, organic food, etc...but the kids are always eating fast food and wearing disposables.  See, I don't give a rat's arse if you want to feed them fast food breakfast, lunch and dinner, and let them wear paper towels as diapers, it is really not my business, but then don't misrepresent your self as a crunchy organic cloth diaper-er.  The people that should matter, that see you every day, they know if you really keep your house clean and if you really feed your family the food you say you do and if you really are so super stinkin duper.

Now, I am not saying that I am not guilty of this sometimes, I am sure I have done it.  I do have cloth diapers for Teagan, and she does wear them...however in the last month, she has not...did I tell you guys that?  I have been tired and really just did not want to deal with the, well, I didn't.  Food wise, we really do try to eat well here, and I do try to cook for the family. Do my kids eat junk, why yes they do sometimes.  Do they eat fast food, honestly, not really.  Occasionally is where we are at with the dreaded fast food, I believe the last time was on our way home from RI at the end of August when we stopped at a rest area that had a Mc D's...and yes, they ate it, even Teagan scarfed down some nuggets and fries.  I wouldn't anticipate them eating it again anytime soon, it is just not something we think to get and I would rather stop and get a meal at a restaurant for them, even though we don't do that much either.  Am I a perfect, absolutely not, and I hope that comes across in my blog posts. I screw up...a lot, and I apologize, a LOT.  I am also not the perfect wife, trust me the hubby would be first to dispel that rumor :)  I can be super nasty and critical, I can be overbearing and controlling and I run things my way and my way only, something I also think you may have concluded in reading here.  My husband and I fight, in fact yesterday we had a real blowout, but hey, we are human, and I hope that comes across too.  I am not the perfect employee either, although I would say that I come closer there than anywhere else since I am a workaholic.

So....drop all the BS and illusions, really why do you care?  Who cares if you really sat on your butt all day and watched TV and ate chips, tell us about it, we can all relate, it happens.  Why tell stories?  Why be so fake?  Be you! 


karl said...

I go by the 80% rule. We strive for 100% but almost never achieve it. I can say, with confidence, that we walk the walk at least 80% of the time. I must admit that I hate Mcdonalds with a deep bitter hatred. I never use the word hate but I really hate Mcdonalds. Although we can be found there often enough that my kids know the menu items they want. Travel is what gets us, even just to Springfield from here. kids get hungry, we didn't pack enough(any) food and voila I find myself at the drive through pulling my hair out and assembling craptastic toys from the latest move flop. arrgh that is when i really miss in-and-out burger. not that they qualify in the 80% that we live but at least they serve real food.

Tribe Mama said... and tabitha are two that I believe represent things as honestly as you can without of course telling us every minute of your day :) I try to do the same, I am who I am, good and bad, but I do realize that sometimes I don't "tell" things either b/c I forget or b/c I simply don't want to share. It is those that intentionally lay it out one way, and then do something different that irk me. As an aside, my crew and I have patiently been waiting for the housing market to improve so we can get our homestead...sadly not happening yet, but when we do, I will be reviewing some of your early steps as a helpful guide!